Using PVC Windows Demonstrates Ecological Balance and Sustainability

15 May 2019

More and more property owners are choosing to install PVC windows in their homes. Not only do PVC windows benefit residential homes, but offices and commercial buildings as well.

The benefits of PVC windows and doors are well-known, as they are low maintenance, boosts energy efficiency and help to maintain consistent internal temperatures. They are durable and strong, do not corrode, resistant to salt erosion and heat, recyclable, and provide superior security against forced entry attempts.

While PVC windows are becoming more popular and widely used in place of timber window frames, the question arises, “Are PVC windows Eco-friendly and sustainable?”

PVC Windows are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Years ago, most types of plastics had a bad reputation which caused many people to put-off installing PVC windows in their homes, as it was assumed that all plastics were not environmentally friendly. The truth is that today’s PVC windows are definitely environmentally friendly, and interested homeowners who want to experience all of the benefits PVC windows offer can rest assure they are making the right choice.

Here are a few reasons why using PVC windows demonstrates ecological balance and sustainability:

Low maintenance – PVC window frames do not need to be painted or sealed like wood window frames, which not only reduces maintenance over the lifetime of window frames, but also makes them easier to clean with just a wet rag and detergent.

Rot resistant and immunity to corrosion
– unlike timber and metal window frames, PVC windows will not deteriorate by rotting and corroding. Ideal for use in coastal properties, PVC windows are immune to deterioration and can outlast the life span of a home.

Sound insulation – PVC windows help reduce outside noise.

Increased security – PVC windows can incorporate multi-locking systems that provide superior security for homes and businesses against forced entry attempts.

Recyclable – while PVC windows are made from non-renewable resources of oil or gas, these cannot only be made from recyclable plastics, but they can also be recycled themselves. As there are ample plastics available in the world, no new resources are used in making PVC windows today.

Made from 100% recyclable plastics, attractive PVC windows are proven to be environmentally friendly products that are readily available for use in homes and commercial buildings. They not only enhance the aesthetics of a home, but also help to reduce carbon emissions because they are a recyclable material that has a low environmental impact.

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