What are the Advantages of PVC Internal Door Frames?

28 August 2020

A lot of property owners often overlook the importance of internal door frames. Door frames are panels that provide a solid structure for doors and enable their open and close functionalities. Different types of doors can be attached to door frames since they can come in a wide variety of fits and sizes.

The primary function of internal door frames is to seal and protect the door from any possible damage that it can obtain over time. But unlike door frames that are located on the entrances of a building, these door frames can be assembled easily even without the help of professionals. Additionally, internal doors frames do not have to be as durable as external doors frames.

Internal door frames can be made from different materials. But one material that is recommended for internal door frames is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If you will be replacing your old or weary internal door frames with PVC ones, then here are some of the advantages that you can obtain from them.

Durable and Strong

The overall composition of PVC internal door frames is intended to resist damage from termites, corrosive elements, and moisture. These door frames can also withstand the effects of climatic and temperature changes, unlike other internal door frame materials. And in case of fire, PVC internal door frames will not combust easily since they are typically rated to stay intact even if they are surrounded by a strong fire.

Low Maintenance

Apart from the resistance of PVC door frames to damaging elements and challenging conditions, their whole structure does not have to be maintained all the time. Other types of door frames would typically require regular cleaning, painting, and sealing just to preserve their quality. PVC, on the other hand, can be cleaned and maintained easily by dusting or wiping it with a cloth that is soaked in a detergent solution.

Excellent Insulation

PVC door frames have excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties, which can both help in maintaining safety if ever there is an occurrence of fire or electrical-related problems around them. The thermal insulation of PVC door frames can also limit heat loss and assure warmer temperatures during colder seasons. Additionally, these door frames can also isolate noise, keeping rooms and spaces free from distracting noise that comes from other parts of the property.

Desirable Appearance

Aside from being functional and long-lasting, PVC door frames can boast a desirable and eye-catching appearance. There are a lot of style options that you can choose from in designing this type of door frame. A wide variety of colours and designs is also available to cater to or even match the existing design of the property or the room.

Environmentally Friendly

PVC materials can last for a long time. And even if they have deteriorated after a long time of use, PVC internal door frames can still be recycled and be processed into new PVC products. This advantage alone makes your door frame environmentally friendly and helps the environment reduce overall waste.

Choosing PVC internal door frames allows you to obtain all the advantages that are mentioned above. They can make your property appealing, safe, secure, and energy-efficient.

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