What Does Double Glazing Do for Aluminium and PVC Windows?

14 September 2018

Aluminium and PVC windows come in different styles, colours and sizes. One inclusion in these windows that improves their performance, though, is double glazing the glass panes. Double glazing is just the term for attaching two panes of glass together to make the glass part of the windows. The panes are separated by a layer of inert gas and tightly sealed before installing them into the PVC and aluminium windows. The sealant on these panes enables them to be airtight as well as watertight. Read about the various advantages of double-glazed windows in the following details.

Boosts Thermal Performance

Double glazing will increase the thermal performance of PVC and aluminium windows. This is due to the double panes along with the inert gas and tight seal. As a result, less heat is let into the house in the warm months and less heat escapes from the house during the winter. Thanks to this insulative quality, your energy bill will be lower.

Reduces the Risk of Condensation

Without double glazing, condensation can build up easily on the glass and can freeze in cold weather. The inside temperature can decrease when this occurs. To remedy the issue, the property owner ups the heat setting. Double-glazed windows with their dual panes and airtight seal along with the gas in between blocks the moisture from accumulating.

Reduces UV Damage to Your Furnishings

Another benefit of double glazing is the fact that it helps block a portion of the UV rays that enter through the windows. Your furnishings are at less risk of fading or other damage due to this fact.

Increases Your Security

Since the way the double-glazed panes are constructed, they are more difficult to break. Even burglars have a more difficult time breaking into your house. For this reason, you will have increased security for you and your family.

Offers Sound-Dampening Advantages

One last benefit that we must mention is that double-glazed PVC and aluminium windows provide sound insulation. They dampen the noise of the outdoor world to ensure that your house can be quiet enough to relax in each day. That noisy dog next door will only be a minor sound instead of an annoyance for one example.

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