Why Choose Double Glazed Aluminium Doors for Your Patio Extension

26 February 2019

Are you planning a patio extension? If you are, then there are many types of doors to choose from. However, when choosing doors for your new patio extension, why not think outside the restricting ‘box’ of traditional doors, and open up a world of possibilities that double glazed aluminium doors can offer you?

Why choose double glazed aluminium doors, you say? That is a great question to ask that has a fantastic answer! Double aluminium glazed doors are unique compared to other door types, and they can literally open your patio extension up by providing superior views.

Benefits of Choosing Double Glazed Aluminium Doors

Your patio extension can greatly benefit from double glazed aluminium doors, as the glass is made of two panes of glass, which has a narrow gap of inert gas separated by a spacer bar between them. This helps to better regulate temperature by a process called “convection” and also acts as a noise insulator. Double glazed aluminium doors come in various styles and designs, and deliver more open access to your patio than any other type of doors.

Designed and constructed for strength, performance, and aesthetics, wide opening double glazed aluminium doors provide you with the best views, and allows light to flood through into your patio area. Double glazed aluminium patio doors come in two, three, or four sections. A four section, sliding glass aluminium patio doors will consist of two outer pieces that remain as fixed sections, and the inner two middle section panes that slide open.

Besides delivering a greater open view and access to your garden and backyard area, other benefits of double glazed aluminium doors include the following:

Reduces noise
– with special layers of glass on your doors, where otherwise only one layer would exist, double glazing effectively reduces noise that originates from outside so you will not be disturbed.

Energy-efficient – double glazed aluminium doors can increase your home’s energy efficiency, making your house and patio extension area more comfortable. The special layers of glass will help keep cool air in during the summer, and warm air in during the winter.

Secure – double glazed aluminium doors are strong, durable, and secure because of the hefty aluminium frames that are fitted with toughened safety glass.

In summary, aluminium double glazed doors are lightweight, durable, strong, reduces outside noise, and are effective at regulating the temperature in your house. If you are looking for the best patio doors to use for your new patio extension, then double glazed aluminium doors are your best choice.

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