Why is it More Practical to Replace Old Rotten Wood Window Frames with Aluminium and PVC?

15 November 2018

It is hard to determine the condition of an old rotten wood window frame when you can’t physically see the extent of the problem. In fact, what may look like a small and simple problem at first glance, can turn out to be a very complicated situation that requires completely replacing rotten wood window frames with aluminium and PVC.

While most wood window frame rot can be avoided with yearly maintenance, rot can still develop and cause a lot of damage. As it rains over the years, water can penetrate through gaps and cracks in the paint, and when gone unnoticed and hidden beneath the surface rot can spread quickly and completely ruin wood window frames.

While not all cases of rot warrants completely replacing wood window frames, the cost of repairs are enough to consider weighing against the cost of installing either aluminium or PVC window frames instead, and thus removing any future rot problems altogether.

When is it Practical to Replace Old Rotten Wood Window Frames with Aluminium Window and PVC Window Frames?

There are times when it is possible to repair rotted window frames, however, sometimes the costs of repair can be as much as installing new window frames that are not prone to rotting, such as aluminium and PVC windows.

Here are a couple examples of needed repairs that may give you a good reason to consider replacing your old rotten wood window frames with aluminium and PVC windows:

Cracks and chipping paint – while chipping paint by itself is not a reason to replace your wood frames, it may indicate that there is water trapped under and in the wood. Inspection of your window frames should be scheduled, and if rot, fungi and mold are found, the cost of repairs could warrant replacing your window frame with aluminium and PVC windows.

Rot damage moving up vertical trim boards – if extensive rot damage exists, and there is a need to remove and replace pieces if exterior boards, and vertical trim boards, then the whole window frame needs to be replaced.

Both aluminium and PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer) window frames are immune to rotting, rust, and corrosion, and are durable and energy efficiency materials. Aluminium and PVC windows are also attractive, affordable, and long lasting.

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