Why PVC Doors and Windows for your Home are Ideal for Babies and Kids

18 September 2017

The impression of PVC doors and windows is changing in Australia, and these are now becoming more common choices for both residential and commercial buildings as alternatives to wood and metal doors and windows. In fact, besides being lightweight alternatives, these do have some excellent advantages over traditional doors and windows, especially when used in homes that have babies or small kids.

Australians are quickly learning about the benefits of PVC doors and windows – they have superb noise reduction and heat insulation qualities, and they are affordable and easily installed. These are just a few of the benefits of why people are choosing to install PVC doors and windows in their homes, also because they are ideal for homes with babies and kids.

The Reasons PVC Doors and Windows are Ideal for Homes with Babies and Kids

There are many reasons why PVC doors are ideal for homes with babies and small children. Because of their lightweight nature, even small children can easily open and close PVC doors and windows, without the risk of injury, unlike weighty hardwood or metal doors and windows. Other advantages that PVC doors and windows have to offer to households with babies and kids are listed below:

Noise reduction qualities – it can get noisy outside, sounds from planes, cars, industry, or from neighbours can keep a curious baby awake. Thankfully, PVC doors and windows prevent much of the noise outside from penetrating into your child’s room, which helps them to go to sleep, and to stay asleep.

Thermal comfort and energy efficiency –
keeping a baby’s room warm during cold nights is a necessity, and because PVC windows are resistant to heat loss, your child’s room will stay warmer, while using less energy. It is a known fact that windows are the main areas of a home where heat and cold escape, and homes with PVC windows and doors can expect to see their energy waste drop by as much as 80% when compared to homes with aluminium doors and windows.

Increased security – both PVC windows and doors can be reinforced with specialised glazing and burglar resistant frames, making them resistant to forced entry.

If you want to reduce outside noise from disturbing your baby’s sleep, lower your home’s energy usage while keeping your kid’s room warmer, and, you want to increase the security of your home, then PVC door and windows are the ideal choice.

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