Why You Should Choose Double Glazed Aluminium Windows for Your New Melbourne Home

08 April 2022

Melbourne’s climate is changeable, with cold air coming up from the Arctic Ocean during the winter, and it also experiences warm summers. That is why insulation and having the right type of windows are important for controlling energy costs. Double-glazed windows add to the insulating effect, and that is why you need them for your Melbourne home. Here are a few of the advantages of double-glazed aluminium windows.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double-glazed windows contain several glass panes in a single system. Double-glazed means that they contain two panels of glass, and triple-glazed means they contain three. A strip of metal or polymer separates the glass, and the spaces between are filled with gas or air. The air acts as an insulator and does not allow heat or cold to pass through as easily. Here are a few of the advantages:

1. Energy Efficiency

Double-glazed windows have a clear advantage when it comes to keeping them warm or cold air out. That is the main reason why many people choose them. They help your home maintain a constant temperature throughout the day, and this is easier on your HVAC system.

2. Prevents Mould

Melbourne is humid during the summer, and that can cause dangerous mould to grow. For those who have asthma, this can be especially dangerous. Double glazing reduces condensation and moisture in the home, which does not allow mould to grow.

3. Quieter Home

Another advantage of double-glazed aluminium windows is that they do a good job of keeping noise out. This can be an advantage if you live near a busy street and need your peace and quiet. This is another nice advantage that many people do not expect.

4. Safety and Security

Another bonus of double-glazed windows is that they improve both safety and security. They are harder to break than other types of windows. That is also nice if you have small children or pets who could cause an accident.

Disadvantages of Double-Glazed Windows

These are some of the main reasons why people choose double-glazed windows. The main disadvantage that people find is the initial cost. They are more expensive to install than standard windows. The type of double-glazed window you choose, and its thickness, determines the price. In many cases, the savings and energy well offset initial costs over time. All in all, it is worth the expense and it will definitely add value and beauty to your new Melbourne home.

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