Windows of the Future: Trends and Designs Using Aluminium and PVC Frames

26 May 2020

One crucial aspect of window frames that determine their overall characteristics and properties is their material. While the market now offers a wide variety of materials for window frames, most homeowners prefer aluminium and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) because of their customisability, durability, and energy efficiency. These materials are also in enhancing the overall design appeal and look of your home as they can give you added warmth and elegance.

To fully maximise the benefits of aluminium or PVC window frames for your home, then check out the following trends and designs available for these materials. 

The Ever-Durable Aluminium

Aluminium as a material generally offers durability, easy maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Using this material for window frames can provide you the same features mentioned in addition to enhancing the appearance of your home. Both the interior and exterior elements of your home are improved significantly when you opt for aluminium window frames.

The properties of aluminium enable it to be fabricated as either a single or double-glazed window. Single-glazed aluminium windows are recommended for homes that receive a fair amount of rainfall and wind and do not experience harsh weather conditions. Alternatively, if the location of your home is exposed to a huge amount of rainfall and strong wind year-round, then double-glazed windows would be the best option for you. Double-glazed aluminium windows are also effective in insulating your home from the excessive heat during hot days of summer.

Given the strength, durability, and resilience of aluminium, this material can be easily fabricated into sleek, streamlined frames that readily emphasize the elegance, lustre, and sheen of your window’s glass pane. Alternatively, aluminium can also be fabricated into thicker frames to better complement the overall design and décor of your home.

The Versatility of PVC Frames

Just like aluminium, PVC is a material that features great strength and well-rounded versatility for any type of application. Choosing PVC as your window frames guarantee you great design and style options that readily match your personality and preferences. Additionally, PVC frames can provide you great value for money since they are affordable regardless of their outstanding properties.

Similar to aluminium windows frames, PVC windows frames can also be fitted with either single or double-glazed glass. Construction industries have been using PVC for a long time now because of their durability. Additionally, the ability of PVC to be fabricated into various shapes, designs, and thicknesses make them great for custom window frames. The thermal performance of PVC window frames is also top-notch as they can effectively insulate rooms of your home during the hottest or coldest days of the year. Homes that are found near commercial areas or busy highway can take advantage of PVC window frames as they can offer excellent noise control.

Home interiors that are best fitted with classic rectangular windows with varying frame thickness or customised contemporary designs of irregular shape and diverse dimensions can readily utilise PVC window frames. Even with custom fabrication, PVC window frames maintain high degrees of durability and all other properties that are already stated earlier. Whether you choose aluminium or PVC window frames, you are still guaranteed of window frames that are appealing and offer great value for your money. The inclusion of these window frame materials can also help increase the value of your property. If you want to install these types of frames, feel free to contact us at Win-tech Australia.

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